Tuesday, March 5, 2013


If your tree do not produce any fig... cut it. But I will wait because next season I will get some. (The Gospel of Today). I Want to produce now to be what I was meant to be, bring ideas for creating a better society, giving love, serve others.
An Encyclical is a letter, it is a Pontifix Document. I will start with one that I love and that I was excited to read after the Prist's Gospel: "Deus Caritas Est"

1. God is Love and who remains in Love will remain in Good and Good in him. This is the option we have taken to Love God and the others: employers, employees, providers, society, governators, family... EVERYONE!!!!.

2. God loved us first... who would make the choice to love the others first as well?

3. What is Love?? there are different kinds of love "Eros" and "Agape" Eros is love between a man and a woman, we have also philia (friendship) and Agape would be "Omnia vincit amor" what means love defeats everything without selfinesh. To loose our own lifes to take care to others, to deliver itself, to serve, to be good to others. Do we need to only give?? we are humans we expect to receive, but it should be given for free without interests.

4. Loving others is loving God, he always comes to us. Why we do not open our arms to everyone?

5. Serving others will make us understand what God does for us and how we love us.

6. Who would be the leader in this times who washes the feet of their followers/employees/ clients?

7. Which company will be social responsible with the orphans, widows and sick people?  Would a company hire an employee with a sickness?

8. Charity would be for rich people to shut up their consciences. Charity must seek for justice and a social order being subsidiary. And by that I mean providing the tools and teaching how to fish.

9. Justice should be far fro interest and power. Like the new Social Responsibles: if it's trendy there will be more sales.

10. We have to be conscious about this, love, will always be necesary. What are we waiting for?

11. The role of the media (like this) should help to instruct to everyone about this.

12. Maria is the first example of giving, she was 3 months pregnant when she walk to Isabel's in order to help her.

13. Probably we are not looking forward to become saints, but do we wanna be better people/ leaders/employers/employees/parents/sons????   

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