Friday, February 22, 2013

A Communitty College is a non profit organization, but I will have to tell me you my experience

The quality of education had being excellent at College of the Rockies’ Tourism and recreation program. Having taken five classes, gave me a wide perspective of Tourism Industry, Environmental Management, Event Planning and Human Resources.
Teachers were the kindest, the most easy going and really instructed. They also had a lot of knowledge and experiences in several places around the world. My instructors were available for students all the time, giving detailed information about the assignments, help with grammar or the grades of our works, per example.
I was Able to meet the CEO at COTR, a very humble and interesting person. It has impressed me a lot how come a CEO could sit and talk with students at the cafeteria normally.
The education at COTR has provided me with a lot of experience in my field. I have learnt to analyze environmental issues and present case studies. Also I planned two events, one intern and other for the industry, I have interview and have had several invited speakers from the field to learn more from hem.
Another thing that impressed me was the technologies, from the intelligent boards till the campus on line and the classes posted on the college’s web site.
I learnt how to use social media and how important it is networking in these times. At the moment I use all the media effectively to grow my network.
The library was incredible, I took all the information I needed for my thesis from there, and it also had the best ambience.
I’m really grateful for the experiences I lived, since the beginning they made us feel welcome, important and loved. They planned trips, activities, parties, etcetera. I have met amazing people from all around the world, Europe, Asia, America, and they are still my friends.
I learnt also a lot about Canadian Culture, how come respect, tolerance, education and culture have created the dreamt environment for everyone. Everybody has a place on society, life is calm and save, I just fell in love with Canada. It has all the facilities to practice all kind of sports and have lots of recreation field and natural tracks.
After my Canadian experience I have found a job at the best hotel on my hometown as a front desk agent. Also I write a blog Inspired on the subjects I learnt at COTR, I can say my English has improved and my knowledge about different cultures is wider.
I cannot do more than thank Canada’s Government for this opportunity. thank my Instructors, the foreign students office for this wonderful experience.

Thank you very much indeed COTR, CanadaGovernment, ELAP program, Instructors and friends!!!!!

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