Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tips for Enterpreneurs (Is it so hard?)

First of all, I will give you a link to know what I'm refering to.

This article has being written on the web site of Universidad de Navarra's Business School by Antonio Argandoña, based on a summary that Pablo Ferreiro from la Escuela de Dirección de la Universidad de Piura en Lima and one of the authors of  "Gobierno de las Personas en las Empresas". (By the way I'll make another post about it).

This ideas came from Leonardo Polo, who is a philosopher.

I think we should reflect about this points. I won't translate (I can´t). But I will give my opinion about it.

I work on a service industry, a Hotel as I told you before and I love my job but,

If in order to be ethic and social responsible, the managers shouln't treat us (their employees) like they want us to treat our guests?

If sellers are innovators in order to satify customer's necesities, why are still marketers trying to sell useless things (like a new smartphone for a 92 year old woman). -Lines apart- (By the way I love Carmen Chirinos, her job as executive seller at Libertador Hotel Arequipa and her personality)

If the aim of the enternpreur is to grow and the interest to provide instruction to their employees (very aligned with the mission and vision of the entreship where I work). Why do they only focus on the mistakes? and never in how to solve them?

If the person itself is the priority... why does too many employees feel bad about their work... and why they say we should provide best service when they are thinking just in the revenue?

The finality of the company is the accomplish of the aim of people. The aim is defined by the results and the function is to add value. I'm I the only one who thinks we are living an inhuman society despite all the talk about Social Responsibility?

If the employer is the person who involves other people in proyects; then, why so many employee turnover when they are suposed to act so people will be happier?

If people shouldn't be used as means... why there's no considerations with us and they want us to priorize work before anything?

So if you are a Manager a CEO or have people below your instructions... be loyal if you are looking for loyalty.

How do you fell at work? Is all this feasible?

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