Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why this blog?

When i was a kid I could not think about bad things happening to people, now is 2013, I'm 25 and I cannot think about doing anything for the environment, for people, with love.

I need to tell the story about this amazing people. They are Guy Butcher and Eunice Kratky, meet them at Libertador Hotel in Arequipa ( where I work at front desk and they are my custommers <3.

They are driving an Austin Seven of 1930 from NY via Alaska to Tierra del fuego, their aim is to raise funds to help people in need. They are wishing to raise  £1 million pounds as all the costs will be funded by themselves.

To know about them go to annd They are an inspiration to me, and every time I see them with a smile on their faces I know we would be all happy if we will try  to make others happy.

The blog idea came from Javier Baz
, who works also at Libertador, Hotels, Spas and Resorts . And I was helped and motivated by Connor Neil 

I need to talk about many other people, like my canadian instructors at COTR, without their help I would be writing in spanish.

On the other hand, sorry for all the mistakes I will make through this blog, I'm learning, this is the start of a new experience for me... Always want to be a journalist, good we all have the oportunities now a days.

If you know more about inspiring people, of inspiring histories, please share them with me!!!!!

Thank you!!